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[Fanfiction] Attention

Looksie, something other than a page of tweets.  I must work out how to disable that!!  Just a short Murdock centred drabble really.

Title: Attention
Summary: Written 26/1/11. Drabble. Murdock invites Tawnia to dance.
Rating: PG
Notes: I just wanted to get back into writing, small drabbles might help me do that.
Disclaimer: I don’t own The A Team. If I did I’d so rob Murdock’s jacket.

He watched her watching Face, her longing clear, eyes tainted in yearning and jealousy as she watched him own the dance floor, cradling some slender blonde. Murdock drained the rest of his soda, set the empty cup down before striding over with a purpose.

She didn’t grant him attention straight away, was too focused on Face.

She was always too focused on Face.

Murdock cleared his throat, startled Tawnia from her staring.

“May I have this dance?” he asked, the words stilted as he adopted a formal British accent. Tawnia merely glanced at his outstretched hand, her gaze not really acknowledging his open palm. He could sense how badly she wanted to overlook his obstruction of her view of Face.

“C’mon, I’d ask BA but I think he’d step on me,”

She smiled as Murdock slipped back into his regular Southern drawl, finally claiming her attention. She placed her hand in his and allowed him to guide her onto the dance floor.

And as they moved amongst the circling lights above, the shadows casting patterns on their clothes as he held her close, one hand light against her hip, he wished not for the first time that he could hold her attention the way Face could.


Tags: the a team murdock fanfiction tawnia

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