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hansons_hot's Journal

23 November 1987
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I just finished university and have hopefully acquired a shiny education degree I appear to be able to do nothing with. Not quite ready to let go of the status "student" yet however - too much like acting like a real grown up. I love writing fan fictions particularly about the celebrities I admire which would currently be Dwight Schultz, Sharlto Copley, Chris Simmons,Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho . I love the tv shows The A Team, The Bill and 21 Jump Street so most of my fics are based on them though I have started writing a lot of wrestling fics. Word of warning, most of my fics are really angsty, just a heads up. I've mellowed slightly though and silliness and general cuteness sometimes work their way in...unless it's The Bill. It's canon to have Mickey a sobbing wreck ;-)